Beautiful Beaches to visit in Halkidiki Greece

Large, dramatic beaches like those of Brazil or Australia aren’t really a thing in Halkidiki. Instead, it has a plethora of quaint, smaller beaches and coves. Given the abundance of little beaches in Halkidiki, vacationers may choose their preferred kind of shoreline regardless of the season. We’ve compiled 8 of the best of them below. Take a look.

Agios Ioannis

The beach of Agios Ioannis is among the biggest and most well-known in all of Greece, and it can be found in the region of Sithonia, not far from the city of Nikiti. Its blue seas and pristine sand are enough to wow even the pickiest of visitors. There are 2 beachfront bars along the shore that provide complimentary umbrellas and sunbeds to their patrons. Agios Ioannis is a great option for families because to its calm, deep water and lack of waves. One may quickly and easily go to the beach from here.

Sarti Beach

The lengthy coastline has a promenade where visitors may stroll and chat while eating ice cream. However, a vacation in Sarti may also be a time of rest and relaxation. You may discover peaceful, secluded bays all around the coast. Greece shines most at Sarti Beach, which has azure waters, verdant vistas, and thrilling rock formations.

Vourvourou – Karidi Beach

Vourvourou, also known as Karidi Beach, has some of the best water and sand quality in all of Halkidiki. With its modest depth, lack of waves, and proximity to the shore, this location is ideal for families with young children. Even though there isn’t a beach bar on-site, there is a restaurant and bar within walking distance. And if you’re looking for a place to cool down after a swim, Vourvourou is home to three separate, little islands.

Kriopigi Beach

As one of Chalkidiki’s most stunning beaches, Kriopigi is a must-see. Of course! It’s a beautiful spot to unwind, what with the clear water and the tall, green pine trees. Kriopigi Beach is fantastic anytime, but in the nights, you’ll really appreciate it. There’s something quite romantic about the way the setting sun looks reflected in the lake, so share this experience with the people you care about.

Kavourotripes Beach

Kavourotripes, in the region of Sithonia, is home to one of the most unusual beaches in the area. Many visitors have compared it to Hawaii, making Halkidiki a second home for many. The sea is a stunning shade of blue, and the terrain is rugged. It’s not easy to go to this place. Its fame has grown rapidly in recent years, and a visit will prove its justification. Camping and nudism are permitted on Kavourotripes.

Possidi Beach

One among Halkidiki’s most stunning beaches is Possidi Beach. Possidi Beach is over 3.5 kilometers long and runs out across a narrow spit of land deep into the sea, making for a distinctive beach form. Seeing as how Possidi Beach is located inside a city, you may just get in your vehicle or on your bicycle and head on over there. Get yourself stocked up on snacks and drinks for a day at the beach once you get there; just don’t forget the sunblock! Possidi Beach does include some rough sand, so swimming shoes could be a good idea for certain visitors. In contrast, the transparent water welcomes swimmers of all ages and relationships.

Elia Beach

Elia Beach earned its name from the olive orchards that are located nearby, some of which extend to the water’s edge. This is, not unexpectedly, located on the peninsula’s southernmost arm, the “second leg” of Halkidiki. It’s gorgeous, stretching for a good distance and featuring blue sea and soft sand. You may swim and relax at the beach bar, which is conveniently located right on the water.

Sani Beach

With its location in Kassandra, Sani stands out from the other five alternatives offered by HalkidikiTravel’s customers. Sani is made up of a number of different sandy beaches that have been joined together to form one large beach. The sea is shallow and quiet, there is a beach bar, and getting there is a breeze. Yes, without a doubt, it is a stunning beach that deserves a trip from your busy schedule.