Best Sightseeing in Halkidiki, Greece

Northwestern Greece’s Halkidiki prefecture is widely regarded as one of the country’s most picturesque vacation spots. Long, sandy beaches, breathtaking scenery, verdant flora, and charming coastal towns make this an attractive summer holiday destination. From ancient ruins and Byzantine towers to churches and caverns, Halkidiki has it all. Popular among visitors to Halkidiki is the Cave of Petralona, where artifacts from our distant ancestors have been discovered. Ouranoupolis is where the ferry to Mount Athos leaves from, and it is also home to the fascinating tower of Prosforio. Here are the best sightseeing spots in Halkidiki, Greece.

Mt. Athos

Popular for its historic Byzantine monks, Mount Athos operates independently from the rest of the Greek republic. Men require special authorization to enter, and women aren’t allowed there at all. Boats departing from Ouranoupolis often circumnavigate Mount Athos.

Prosforio Tower

Ouranoupolis is represented by this Byzantine tower. Located right on the sand, this structure has taken quite a beating over the years. The Christian Collection of Halkidiki may be found just to the north of the tower.

Petralona Cave

Cave of Petralona may be found on the western slope of Mount Katsika. In 1960, an approximately 700,000-year-old human cranium was unearthed among the many caverns and rock formations found there. As for the other relics, they included those of lions, jaguars, bears, reindeer, bats, and more.

Aristotle Park

Stagira, a little town near Ierissos, is home to a park honoring the legacy of Aristotle, the great classical Greek scholar. The park opened in 2004, and inside it are a number of significant apparatus used to demonstrate natural phenomena.

Olynthos Ancient Site

This site, found in the 1930s, contains artifacts from Ancient Olynthos, the former capital of Halkidiki. The explorations’ results are on display in a historical exhibition in Olynthos village.

Ancient Stagira

Olympiada, established as a town and then named after the mother of King Alexander, is well known as the location of the ancient settlement of Stagira.

Ancient Acanthus

The founding of the ancient settlement of Acanthus may be traced back to the year 655 BC, according to excavations. There are many acanthus bushes in the region, which is likely where the name came from.


Though it was initially constructed in 1864, this lighthouse has undergone extensive restoration in more recent years. It is the lone structure on Possidi Beach and was constructed in the colonial style.

Stavronikita Stavros Tower

Stavronikata Tower, often known as St. George Tower, is a prominent structure in the Sani neighborhood. It was built in 1543 as a means of defense for the Stavronikata Monastery.

Church of Demetrius

The plaza of Afitos is home to a stunning church that was built in 1858. Unique in design, it has a trio of arches and a soaring bell tower.

Ammon-Zeus Temple

Kallithea hamlet, around 100 kilometers from Thessaloniki, and Polygiros, about 50 kilometers away, are both close to the Ammon Zeus shrine. Ammon Zeus was first honoured by his followers in the 5th century BC.

Ancient Mende

This impressive landmark is found in the Palini region of Halkidiki, which lies on the western peninsula. It is thought that it was a stronghold of Eretria. This area was first explored by archaeologists in 1986.

Mavrobara (Polychrono Lake)

Pine trees make the tiny lake in Polychrono a beautiful spot. A protected habitat for the endangered Testudinata Turtles may be found there. Circumnavigating the lake on foot is one of the best ways to enjoy this area.

Sanctuary of Poseidon

The temple was related to the important ancient polis of Mendi, one of the first and most wealthy cities built on the Kassandra peninsula.

Megali Kypsa

The area of the impressive ruins of an ancient roman estate. On the discovery visitors can admire the relicts of the ancient estate including the ruins of the adjacent pottery workshops and remains of floor mosaics.