Dionisiou Beach

Dionisiou Beach

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All you need to know about Dionisiou Beach

Dionisiou Beach is a wonderful graphic village that stretches all the way to Nea Moudania and has fine sand and convenient facilities. The Monastery of Dionisiou’s pier has been there for a long time. The Blue Flag is given annually to Dionisiou Beach because it is so well-equipped to meet the needs of its visitors. This includes providing facilities for those with disabilities and maintaining a lifeguard presence.

Dionisiou Beach, Halkidiki: Some Information

Dionisiou Beach (Paralia Dionisiou), is a small Halkidiki village, just 3 kilometers from the city of Nea Moudania and 48 kilometers from Thessaloniki, in which the airport terminal “Macedonia” is situated. The settlement is located in the geographical weat of Halkidiki, Greece, just before the crossroads leading to the three peninsulas of Halkidiki (Kassandra, Sithonia, and Athos). Guests are able to travel between the three peninsulas of Halkidiki without having to endure the lengthy drives often associated with doing so.

The surroundings

Nea Moudania, a city of 17,000 people located just 3 kilometers from Dionisiou Beach, has its own set of benefits, including the convenience of being able to quickly reach its beach by car, taxi (6-8 €), or even on foot (about 15 minutes all along the shoreline) and making use of the city’s extensive infrastructure, including its retail store, well-stocked grocery stores, banks, post office, recreation places, theater, and bars.

The settlements

The area around Dionisiou Beach, a popular tourist destination, is rather quiet and stretches for approximately 3 kilometers. The whole length of the settlement is fringed by a large, sandy beach. Alternating with beaches that require you to bring your own beach gear are organized beach bars where you may buy a drink and use their sun loungers and umbrellas for free in exchange for a purchase. The seabed also varies throughout the settlement, with sand and stones both present. Paralia Dionisiou’s beaches get their name from the long, flat seafront.

Restaurants and food

Many restaurants and cafés line the shore and cluster around the town center, serving up delicious seafood and authentic Greek dishes. Kids may burn off some energy and have fun while their parents relax and enjoy some Greek food and the beach at one of the many restaurants that have installed playground equipment. Bougatsa, a typical Greek pie filled with sweet cream or cheese, is served in a famous cafe on the town square. Mornings witness a steady stream of residents and visitors alike. Loukoumades, which resemble doughnuts dipped in honey, is a popular evening dessert and of course Souvlaki for later in the evening.

Other things to do at Dionisiou Beach

The center plaza opens its playground and mini-park of attractions in the afternoon, once the traditional Greek siesta is over. Every night, in the middle of (Paralia) Dionisiou Beach, an open-air market sells a variety of locally produced goods like fresh produce, olives, olive oil, honey, and more. The villagers sell fresh fish and fruits from the trunks of their automobiles as they cruise the hamlet streets early in the day. You can get whatever you need at any of the two supermarkets in town. There are a number of convenience stores, pharmacies, kiosks, and restaurants near Dionisiou Beach in addition to supermarkets.

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